SATAC Insulation

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Spray Applied Thermal and Acoustical Cellulose Insulation

The Insulation of Choice For

Pole Barns Steel Buildings Commercial  Agricultural – Residential

SATAC is an insulation that rivals many of the the benefits of spray foam insulation at a much lower cost along with a host of other advantagess that you are sure to enjoy. A few of its key features can be found right in its name.
Benefits of SATAC Insulation

SATAC Insulation System

SATAC (pronounced: “SAY – tack”) consists of a special grade of cellulose material that is sprayed onto a surface. After it is applied and dries, there are some very unique “acoustical” properties as a sound insulator that it provides, delivering yet another welcomed benefit for users. The word, “Thermal” refers to the outstanding insulating properties the material delivers. All of these properties are found in one insulation material that’s versatile enough to be used concrete, wood, and even the surface of metal buildings that sit open and exposed to the elements.

 The “SATAC” System

The SATAC material is actually applied as a “system”, which is appropriately referred to as the, “SATAC System”. This consists of a spray-grade cellulose material and commercial spray adhesives.  These are water-based adhesives that bind the insulation material to the substrate surface and dries to a flexible, yet tough, durable finish.

 Thermal Performance (Insulating Capability)

The cellulose insulation material is applied directly to the surface in a continuous flow.  The adhesive permanently bonds the insulation to the substrate and forms a “monolithic seal” – that is, a seal that is uniform, solid and continuous. This seals seams, cracks and other structural irregularities that may exist in surfaces.  Depending upon the surface, a primer may be needed to prepare the surface prior to the SATAC being applied. The even, uniform seal that is created virtually eliminates the infiltration of air and so it creates a thermal barrier that is able to maintain a maximum thermal efficiency level. As an added bonus, this barrier also controls moisture due to condensation. Many other types of traditional insulation are made in prefabricated sizes, which often times creates gaps or compressions when they are installed.  This can permit air to infiltrate the structure, decreasing the insulating properties of the application.  The SATAC Insulation System avoids these problems, delivering maximum insulation capability and moisture build-up prevention.

 Fire Safety and Protection

SATAC is a noncombustible material. That is to say, it is not able to burn. It will not even allow heat to penetrate through it.  Even further SATAC is able to remain fully exposed, which means you can avoid the time and expense of adding an additional layers of surface, such as drywall.  It should be noted that cellulose insulation designated for residential applications and typically used in homes, do not meet this level of standard. So these insulation surfaces must be covered. The reason SATAC is able to exist as a “stand-alone” surface application is because it has passed a rigorous testing process and is classified as a, “Class 1 Building material” meeting all of the test requirements for “ASTM C-1149 Type II, Standard Specification for Self-Supported Spray Applied Cellulosic Thermal Material Insulation”. (Details of this classification may be found here.) SATAC is considered to be a “fire retardant” material because it is manufactured using an all borate fire retardant, which is integrated within the recycled wood fibers from which the cellulose is made. “Borate”, is a derivative of boric acid, which  been used for years in many household products, such as antiseptics and salves and even used in many homes as a “natural insecticide”. But you may be more familiar with it as being a component of “Borax” – the “natural” laundry booster.  (Check around…you may even have some of that around the house!) The EPA has even determined that boric acid and products that contain it have, “low toxicity and occur naturally”. You can read the EPA Fact Sheet here.  (Please note, this is a “.pdf” file and requires Adobe Reader or other .pdf file reader to view.) In comparison, many other types of insulation contain fire retardants and other chemicals that are considered toxic and may give off hazardous fumes when installed or in the event of a fire. Steve Owens, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention had this to say about some of these chemicals:
“There has been an increase in recent years in promoting the use of foams and sealants by do-it-yourself energy-conscious homeowners, and many people may now be unknowingly exposed to risks from these chemicals.” (emphasis added)
(You may read the press release from the EPA in it’s entirety here.) The EPA has also published a safety warning of the potential dangers and harmful effects of a commonly used spray foam insulation :
“Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is an effective insulation and air sealant material; however, exposures to its key ingredient, isocyanates such as “MDI,” and other SPF chemicals that may be found in vapors, aerosols, dust or on surfaces during and for a period of time after installation may cause adverse health effects such as asthma.” (emphasis added)
The EPA’s safety guidelines can be found at:  Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Clearly the results through the observation and finding of third parties such as the EPA provide a clear distinction in terms health and safety concerns between SATAC and many other types of insulation materials, particularly Spray Polyurethane Foam. These health and safety concerns are additional reasons why consumers have turned to using SATAC insulation as an alternative to spray foam insulation.

Acoustical (Sound) Control

In addition to being a weather insulator, “SATAC” also doubles as a sound insulating material. That’s because the fibers in the material absorb sound and reduce the transfer of vibrations. It’s ability to act as an insulation sound barrier provides a much improved environment, making SATAC an excellent choice for insulating auditoriums, sound and television studios, movie theatres and even manufacturing facilities.

 Color Options

SATAC is available in five (5) different colors: tan, off-white, gray and oyster.  In addition, the surface can be painted so that it can match the color décor of any room without the need of having an adding an additional cover surface. It’s versatility in material applications, color options, durability, and long-lasting interior finish make it a great option for commercial buildings. As you can see, SATAC Insulation offers many benefits to consumers:
  • Versatility – it can be applied to many different types of surfaces
  • High insulating properties
  • Can be used in different structures from pole barns, metal buildings, offices and even homes.
  • Flame retardant material
  • Non-toxic
  • Serves as a sound insulator
  • Can be used as a “stand-alone” surface, avoiding the additional time and expense of needing to add additional substrates
  • Available in 5 different colors and the dried surface can even be painted
In examining all of its many benefits, it’s easy to understand why many consumers are turning to SATAC Insulation as the sensible alternative to spray foam and other insulation products. Our SATAC insulation is made available through Agri Com Insulation, a division of Insulation Toledo. Call our Agri Com Insulation Toll Free number today and get a free quote.

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SATAC Insulation

 Insulation Toledo 
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